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Describe your living arrangement. Check all that apply.
Do you have puppy raisng experience?
Do you understand that normal puppy behavior includes biting (nipping), potty accidents inside, chewing on furniture, and being overly excited at times?
Do you understand that owning a high maintenance breed WILL cost atleast $2,000 in pet expenses annually? Dogfood costs averages about $1,000 a year, grooming averages $60-$120 every 4-6 weeks, and wellness vet visits average $250-$500 a year. Heartworm and flea prevention averages $30-$75 a month, optional health insurance costs $35-$100 a month, and its always a good idea to save for any out of pocket costs for injuries or sicknesses. These costs are only estimates based on our experience and the average costs in our area.
Do you understand that a goldendoodle is a high maintenance dog? Goldendoodles need to see a professional groomer every 4-6 weeks for a trim and need to be brushed at home regularly. It is advised NOT to get a goldendoodle if you wish to keep it in a long shaggy coat once their adult coat comes in. Long shaggy coats are unrealistic and very hard to maintain, unless you want your dog to go to the groomer every week or biweekly.
Do you understand that we put a focus on health, coat quality, temperament, and conformation? We do NOT focus on color. If you only want a specific color, your wait time will be longer than expected.
How would you like to pay your $300 reservation fee?
Are you interested in our guardian program, if we keep a puppy for our program that meets your requirements?
Select the year waitng list that you'd like to be added to:
I acknowledge and agree to the following terms & conditons:

Submitted Successfully!

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