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how to adopt one of our pups


How to join our waiting list:

Step 1) Read the About page, the New Puppy Tool Kit page, the Pricing & Services page, and the Health Guarantee & Conditions of Sale page and decide if having one of our puppies is the right decision for you. The Pricing & Payments page and Health Guarantee & Conditions of Sale page are located under the Puppies tab.

Step 2) Fill out an application

Step 3) After filling out an application, I will contact you by your preferred contact information and inform you of how and where to send your $300 reservation fee if you choose to be added to the waiting list. This fee is nonrefundable and holds your spot for the current year only. We only open our waiting list for a year at a time, and close it once we've filled enough spots for the current year (from January to December).

Step 4) Once received, I'll email you a receipt and add you to the waiting list! You can follow on our Facebook page, Ruby Doodles of Louisiana - Goldendoodles, for updates. You can also join our private group on Facebook for those on the waiting list and those who have puppies from us to ask questions and post updates, Ruby Doodles - Owner's Group. You can begin to make payments whenever you want that will go towards your balance.

How does the waiting list work?

Once you're added to our waiting list, you'll have access to our private waiting list page on our website. We keep everyone updated here with upcoming litters and you can see where you are on the waiting list. I will contact you personally when we have an upcoming litter in your preferred size category. I'll need to know before the puppies are born if you're wanting to be added to that specific litter list. Once the puppies are born, I give those interested in that specific litter their pick number, in order of where they are on the waiting list.

If you want to pass on a litter that is your specific size category?

You can pass as many times as you'd like within the current year if the puppies aren't your specific preference or the timing doesn't work. However, once we reopen the next year's waiting list in January, you'll need to re-fill out an application and pay another $300 reservation fee in order to remain on the waiting list. After 2 years of passing, you'll have to restart at the bottom of the waiting list.

What happens if my turn doesn't come by December?

If you don't get the opportunity to choose a puppy from a litter in your preferred size category by December of the current year, you'll be moved to the following year at no charge.

What if I have specific preferences for a puppy?

We don't mind if you have specific preferences such as color, coat, gender, or size. However, you may have to wait a while for your puppy. We value temperament, health, coat quality, and conformation over color, gender, or size. We will produce quality puppies, and you can choose to be open to them or not. We do offer first pick spot available for those that want to increase their chances of getting the specific puppy they'd like. This spot is $3,500 if filled ahead of time.

What if I'm not ready until the following year(s) for a puppy but would like to be added to the waiting list now?

We only add people to the waiting list for the current year (January to December). By doing this, we're able to better estimate timing and availability for our litters, and reduce the amount of passing from those on our waiting list. If you're not ready now, we can add you to our notification list. If we need to reopen our waiting list during the year due to larger than average litter sizes, if we have a last minute opening in a current litter, or when we're ready to reopen our waiting list in January, our notification list is contacted first.

How does the picking process work once I'm added to the litter list?

When your turn comes on the waiting list and you choose a current litter, you'll get your pick number.

Step 6) When a breeding is successful, and when a mama is confirmed pregnant about a month later, I will contact you if I think your turn will come up on the waiting list for that litter. You will have about 4 weeks from the time of pregnancy confirmation and the puppies are born to decide if you want to pick from the litter.


Step 7) When the puppies are born, I'll let you know which pick number you'll be, and I'll need to know if you want to pick from the current litter, if you want to wait for another litter, or if you only want to pick if a specific color, gender, or coat type is available. Either option is completely okay, I just need to know within 12 hours so that I know what to tell the person behind you on the waiting list. **If you choose to wait for another litter, you cannot get your spot back if you change your mind and I've already contacted the people behind you and gave them their pick number**. Also, please keep in mind that if you choose to wait for another litter and we happen to increase our price for that later litter, you will be subject to the increased price (unless you've already paid in full). I'll keep you updated every week with pictures of each puppy and updates on their training and exposure.

Step 8) Puppy Pick-Up Day will occur at 8 weeks old (usually the following weekend). 8 weeks is the best time to evaluate structure (for breeding quality purposes to determine which puppy we'd like to keep back for our program) and temperaments, and the puppies have had their first round of shots and a full veterinarian exam to rule out health related issues before they are 8 weeks. This day (or days, depending on everyone's schedule) will be the day that you will meet the puppies, spend time with each of them, and pick out the perfect puppy for your family. Everyone will come over in the order of the waiting list, separately by appointment. You will bring home your puppy on this day. PUPPY PICKS ARE FINAL. You can decide NOT to get a puppy OR wait for a later litter instead during this time. We want everyone to make a committed decision with no regrets, so showing up on this day and leaving without a puppy is 100% okay with us. The waiting list is listed on the Waiting List page. If you cannot pick out a puppy in person due to your schedule or location, I can send you pictures and videos so that you can make a good decision, and we will figure out travel arrangements later.


Step 9) On Puppy Pick-Up Day, the full balance of your puppy will be due. I will go over all of the paperwork and health warranty with you, you'll sign the purchase contract, and I'll give you a large ziploc bag of your puppy's current dog food, the crate that your puppy is used to sleeping in, your puppy's bed, and a toy or blanket with his/her litter mates' scent. I will also go over training tips and show you what we've done so far with your puppy and how you can continue their training. We suggest reading over the All About Goldendoodles page and the Health Guarantee & Conditions of Sale page before you come pick up your puppy to save time. Some people like to read over these pages and make a list of questions to ask on Puppy Pick-Up Day.

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