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W H O  A R E  W E ? 

We are Matthew and Erica, and we live in Youngsville, Louisiana with our kids and fur babies. We love our job, and we're very very passionate about it. My mother had a dog breeding business most of my childhood, so I learned a lot about breeding along the way. When I grew up and got married, I knew that I wanted a goldendoodle. Our favorite dog when I was younger, Shaggy, was a golden retriever. He was an outside dog because he shed so much, and my brothers were allergic. I saw a picture of a goldendoodle and thought that I had never seen something so beautiful. I was over the moon that I could have a non-shedding dog that also had the golden retriever temperament. I searched and searched and just couldn't find a goldendoodle from health tested lines near me. I had to purchase our first girl, Ruby, from Pennsylvania. I knew that I wanted to breed Ruby to produce what I couldn't find here, and with my knowledge and background of helping my mom with her breeding business, it was a very easy decision. Our dogs are house pets and run free in our yard. We also have dogs in guardian homes, which allows us to expand our breeding program while keeping our breeding dogs as loved and well taken care of as possible. Our breeding dogs come from healthy bloodlines and are chosen based on structure, coat, and temperament. Temperament is crucial for our breeding dogs because our puppies usually go to homes with small children, and we want only those good temperaments to be passed down. Structure is also important, because a dog without good structure will most likely have joint issues and other problems as they grow, and it's our goal to produce puppies that will have a sound mind and body. We health test our dogs before we breed them to ensure that you are going to get the healthiest puppy possible. Our dogs are happy and healthy, to ensure that your puppy will be happy and healthy as well.

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