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  • "Can I change my preferences for gender, size, or color?"
    Yes, anytime. However, since I'll only contact you for our upcoming litters that meet your size preference, you must let me know if you have a change in size preference before the mama you're interested in has been confirmed pregnant. Once a pregnancy is confirmed, I go down the waiting list and contact each person with that particular size preference to see who wants to pick or who wants to pass. I give each person their pick # during this time, so I must know of any changes in size preferences before, so that you don't miss out on a pick #.
  • "Do your parent dogs have good temperaments? How do you choose your breeding dogs?"
    We don't breed any dog unless they have a great temperament. As puppies, we choose our future breeding prospect at 8 weeks old based on coat, temperament, and structure. We let them grow into beautiful adults and re-evaluate them at 12-18 months old. Dog's change A LOT in temperament, so it's important to re-evaluate. If they pass their preliminary structure evaluation and show a good temperament, they then go on to health testing. We like our breeding dogs to have nice laid back/calm temperaments, playful personalities, protective/guard dog qualities, loyalty to their humans, ease around children, no submissive urination, and no signs of aggression of any kind. If they pass their health testing, their structure is then re-evaluated again at 18 months to look at strengths and weaknesses so we can properly pair them to their mate. ​
  • "Why are your reviews disabled on Facebook?"
    We decided to disable our Facebook reviews when we first created our Facebook page. We've seen a quite a lot of ethical goldendoodle breeders be attacked by purist who believe that mixed breeds shouldn't be bred. These breeders had to work hard to get the bad reviews taken off and defend their reputation, so it wasn't worth it to us. We breed goldendoodles for a particular purpose, and we breed them well. We look at coat, health, temperament, and conformation when choosing our breeding pairs. Unfortunately, there are a lot of doodle breeders who do not do this, so it's been a stereotype for a long time that goldendoodle breeders are uneducated, inexperienced, and profit from badly bred dogs. We know our worth, and didn't want to risk getting a bad review from mixed breed haters, so we disabled it. However, we have a private Facebook group for ALL of our past puppy owners and those on our waiting list, and the group speaks for itself. We are a big family and we support each other. If anyone wants to join the group temporarily before getting on the waiting list just to see the quality of our dogs and the support that comes with it, please do! Let us know before you do so I can accept you.
  • "Do you temperament test your puppies?"
    We do! We have professional trainers that evaluate our puppies for us. We provide our puppy owner's with reports for each puppy, and they use these reports to help them best choose a puppy for their family. However, there are studies that prove temperament testing is unreliable when performed younger than 8 weeks of age, so take these evaluations with a grain of salt. We look at them as a guide for each family to know what their puppy's current strengths and weaknesses are. There are some traits that are stable and some that are adjustable, and we work with getting our puppies desensitized to noise and touch early on, so the overall "scores" of these reports are never consistent. However, you're able to bring home a "guidebook" on what to work on as far as training goes, which is worth its wait in gold. We only breed our parents dogs if they have great temperaments, and we put each of our puppies through Early Neurological Stimulation, socialization, and training. ​
  • "Can I make payments toward my balance while waiting for my puppy?"
    Yes, you can. We accept payments the same way we accept reservation fees. You can make payments whenever you'd like, for however much you'd like. When we receive a payment, you'll get a receipt showing all of your payments. Let us know when you'd like to send a payment electronically, so we can send an invoice. Electronic payments will have a 3% processing fee attached, but sending a check by mail doesn't require an extra fee. ​
  • "I have allergies - do your puppies shed?"
    There are two common allergies related to dogs: saliva and pet dander. We often sell our puppies to those who are allergic to dander. Every dog produces dander, but dogs that shed will affect those with allergies more because the dander is released with the shedding fur, causing dander to get on clothes, in the air when the dog shakes, on furniture, etc. Every litter we produce, we usually have at least one person with allergies pick a puppy. Because of this, we test each puppy for the genes needed for a dog to have the least shedding coat possible. We swab their cheeks and send off to a trusted lab, and they test the DNA for us. We like those with allergies to choose puppies with two furnishing genes and at least one low shedding gene, but ultimately the decision is up to you. The puppies with only one furnishing gene will shed minimally, but not enough for those without allergies to notice. Sometimes we may pair a specific pair together that may produce a few puppies with weak furnishings, which results in mild/moderate shedding. We would only do this if the temperament, health, and structure benefits outweigh the risk of lack of coat quality. We will always only place those puppies with weak furnishings in homes of families without allergies because of the greater chance of shedding. ​
  • "Do you allow visitors?"
    We only allow visitors on Pick Day, when our puppies are chosen in person by their new owners. The guardian owner's of our mamas can come visit, since those mamas are comfortable with them. Mama dogs are very protective of their babies, and will usually not let anyone near them that they are not comfortable with for the first few weeks. Visitors must leave shoes at the door, and must sanitize hands when they come in. We take precautions so that our puppies' little immune systems won't be compromised. Once parvo is on our property, it stays for a while, so it's not something that we will risk. We do get phone calls and emails from people that are not on our waiting list that want to come tour our "facility". We do understand the fear of being scammed is very real, and we understand that some people think that if we don't allow visitors, then we are either a scammer, back yard breeder, or puppy mill. We can send videos or facetime if we must, but our puppies' safety must come first. Once we allow visitors to others, it becomes an open door to everyone, and that's not something we feel peace about. Since we raise our puppies in our home, where our family and children live, we ask that those interested will respect our privacy and be okay with videos and pictures. We have a WONDERFUL private Facebook group that you can join once you're on the waiting list. We get together for play dates often, so this would be a great time to visit with past puppies and parent dogs.
  • "What generations do you breed?"
    We mostly breed multigenerational goldendoodles and sometimes F1b. We can breed ANY generation goldendoodle and produce the same look, same low/non-shedding coats, as long as we pair the parents well according to their coat tests. The curl gene (determines if the dog has a straight coat, wavy coat, or curly coat), the furnishing gene (responsible for the beard/eyebrows, as well as low shedding), and the shedding genes are separate genes passed down to offspring. By testing the puppies' genes (cheek swab sent to a lab), we can choose to keep back the puppies that inherited the genes we want.. With coat testing, breeding multigenerational goldendoodles has become a way for us to pick and choose the exact characteristics we want in our puppies. What does that mean for us? Gorgeous straight, wavy, and curly coats, two furnishing genes (fluffy/thick fur all over), and at least one low shed gene. ​
  • "What's the difference between a curly coat and a wavy coat?"
    A curly coat genetically has two copies of the curl gene, just like a poodle. A wavy coat has one copy of the curl gene, so their curls aren't as tight as a curly coat. Wavy coats are typically looser and lay down, whereas curly coats rise up. If you like the shaggy look, choose a wavy coat. If you like the fluffy look, choose a curly coat. ​ ​
  • "What size goldendoodles do you breed?"
    We breed petite, mini, medium, and small standard size. ​
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