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"Our family welcomed our Ruby doodle 9 years ago. the original Ruby is her mama. This is Penelope. She is my heart. Sweetest, most docile, and sweetest baby ever. I call her a "humandoodle". She is my eternal puppy- always silly and playing and stands up to give me hugs all day every day.

Amanda C,


"It's not possible to describe what RDL means to our family in just a couple sentences. you wont find another breeder like Erica and Matthew. The love and dedication they put into each and every single one of their puppies is like no other. They are truly one of a kind."

Carmen B.

"Great experience with Ruby Doodles! They are very helpfuk though the process and even after. My girl is 6 months old and any questions i still have get answered. i highly recommend!"

Sara R.

Lolita A.

"Erica produces the most beautiful and loving pups I've ever seen. If we had a question, she was always a phone call, text, FB message away with a prompt reply. Toulouse has been the perfect addition to our family, and i can't imagine our life without him."

"Erica and Matthew are responsible and ethical Goldendoodle breeders and are passionate about breeding healthy, beautiful, well-tempered dogs. They take the time to train and socialize their puppies, and they provide you with so much useful information and resources for you and your new puppy. We are forever grateful for our Daisy girl!"

Elizabeth S.

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