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Our goldendoodle puppies are $2,200

Deposits are $250 and are included in the total adoption fee.

Deposits are 50% refundable if a buyer chooses to forego their spot on the waiting list for any reason at all. This is because we want to avoid people who are "puppy shopping" and getting on other waiting lists as well. When we have a long waiting list, people are discouraged because they don't want to wait a long time for a puppy, and they will look somewhere else. To avoid this, we only want committed people placing a deposit and being placed on our waiting list. On the flip side, we don't want to hold your full refund, especially if you have to wait a long time for a puppy from us. Many people will come across a puppy sooner than our wait, and we are okay with refunding half of your deposit if this happens. However, you have to contact me if you'd like your 50% refund. If you do not respond to me within 72 hours of me contacting you about your future puppy at any time, I will assume you're no longer interested, and you are no longer entitled to a refund.

Our puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract. If you are an experienced great breeder, we may consider selling breeding rights from specific bloodlines. We are very strict in what we require of you as a breeder and a contract will be signed.

Price includes:

  • Training and socialization protocols: Early Neurological Stimulation, exposure to loud noises, problem solving skills, socialization to various visitors and other dogs, manners (learn not to jump on people or children), potty training kick start, crate training foundation, and "sit".

  • A 3 year Health Warranty on genetic life altering diseases and disorders proven to be genetic.

  • Medical records of de-wormers and vaccinations given.

  • Health certificate from our local veterinarian stating that the puppies are healthy.

  • Microchip record and information for your puppy's microchip.

  • A toy or blanket with litter mates' scent

  • An 8lb bag of the current dog food your puppy is eating.

  • The kennel and bed that your puppy is used to sleeping in.

  • An ADORABLE real life teddy bear!

P A Y M E N T   P L A N S : If you are on our waiting list and you're interested in making payments while you wait for your new puppy, we'll inform you on how and where to send payments. You will get a receipt each time you make a payment that shows your balance due as well as the payments you've made to date.

S H I P P I N G : We do ship our puppies within the United States. The cost to ship a puppy is usually around $475 and depends on the location of the buyer. Shipping will be done with a puppy nanny in the cabin, unless you choose to fly here yourself and bring the puppy back with you. Sometimes the price is cheaper this way, but sometimes it's more. We've flown puppies several times and can easily walk you through the necessary steps. Shipping price is not included in the $2,200 adoption fee.

B O A R D I N G  &  T R A I N I N G : Sometimes we have people request that we hold onto their puppy past Puppy Pick-Up Day at 8 weeks old. If we don't have anything major planned during this time, we will be happy to hold onto your puppy longer. However, we take pride in training our puppies and making sure they utilize every day to learn by practicing what we've taught them, so that all our hard work isn't for nothing. Any puppies that we keep after Puppy Pick-Up Day will continue to go through Puppy Culture Protocols. If we hold onto your puppy after they make 9 weeks old, there is a $50 a day charge as an extra training and boarding fee. After 9 weeks, our puppies are continuing to learn one on one and are getting potty trained, crate trained, as well as exposed to the necessary things including socialization. Some people will choose this option to make sure their puppy gets some one on one training before they go to their new homes.


G R O O M I N G : We groom goldendoodles regularly, and love doing so! We like to start grooming as early as 4 months old to get those puppies used to being groomed. Don't worry, a puppy groom is just a bath, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, and a face, sanitary, and feet clean up. We don't actually trim their coat until the adult coat comes in and the ends of the puppy coat begin to molt and dry out, unless you request us to.


Prices are as follows:

  • Puppy under 8 months old: $35 for a once every 4 - 6 weeks groom/touch up. This includes bath, blow dry, brush out, full trim (at your request when needed), nail trim, ear cleaning, and a face, sanitary, and feet clean up. 

  • After 8 months old: $65 for mini and medium size (under 21" at the shoulder or under 40lbs), and $75 for a standard size (above 21" at the shoulder or above 40lbs). This includes bath, blow dry, brush out, full trim, nail trim, ear cleaning, and a face, sanitary, and feet clean up. If your dog is matted and it will take hours to brush out, you can choose the de-matting option for an extra $50 or a shave down. We'll access their coat when you drop your dog off and let you know then. If you choose the de-matting option, we do our best to comb out as many knots as quickly and painlessly as possible.

  • For those that don't have time to brush or hate brushing their dogs, or you don't like keeping nails and ears clean in between those grooming sessions, we do have an option that allows us to see your dog every 2 weeks for $55 a month for mini/medium size, and $65 a month for standard size. This is a great way to maintain that beautiful coat without doing much yourself. The 2 week option includes bath, blow dry, brush out, full trim (at your request when needed), nail trim, ear cleaning, and a face, sanitary, and feet clean up. 


Below are a few of our favorite before and after pictures of some of the dogs that we groom.


S T U D  S E R V I C E S  :

We do offer stud services to approved breeders. Currently, only our Ace, Apollo, and Remington are available for outside stud service. Please contact us for copies of health testing results, pictures of past puppies, and pricing information. Restrictions do apply. Click on the pictures below to find out more about each boy available.





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