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The Fresh Start

Service Description

This option is for those who have had trouble brushing their dog properly and need a fresh start. Your dog is matted to the skin, and there's no way to brush out the matting quickly and efficiently without hurting the dog. We've been there, so no judgement! However, the only option for matted dogs is a fresh start, meaning a complete shave down. The only blade length that will be able to fit under those matts is a 1/8" blade or shorter. We will try our best to save as much length on them as possible, especially their face. There are instances when the face needs to be shaved as well. These appointments typically take double or triple the amount of time a normal grooming appointment takes, so this option has it's own category. The price is determined by level of matting and the size of the dog. For a Fresh Start, give us about 3 - 5 hours.

  • $100-$200
  • RDL Grooming, LLC

Important Info

1) Please make sure your dog does not have any matting before bringing him/her to their appointment. 2) Make sure your dog uses the bathroom BEFORE they leave their home for their appointment. If they do so on our property, please pick up after your dog. This is to cut down on spreading diseases and viruses, as well as reduce accidents in the salon for those nervous pups. 3) Make sure your dog is up to date on immunizations. 4) Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible. If you need to drop your dog off prior to your appointment time, let me know so we can schedule a time and make sure someone is available to accommodate during drop off. 5) Let me know when you arrive, and I'll meet you and your dog at your vehicle. 6) I'll let you know as soon as your dog is all finished and looking spiffy. I'll bring him/her to your vehicle when you arrive. If there are any time constraints or you need your dog finished by a certain time, please let me know ahead of time. We tend to get behind with multiple dogs scheduled each day, but can prioritize if needed. 7) We take venmo (@rdlgrooming), cash, or check for payment. If you choose to pay by check, you can make it out to RDL Grooming, LLC.

Contact Details

  • RDL Grooming, LLC


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