dog food

W H A T  D O  W E  F E E D ?

Our favorite dog food diets based on health and quality are: Raw diet, Life's Abundance, and Sport Dog. These are all high quality AFFORDABLE dog foods that have the nutrients in them that goldendoodles need for a healthy life and a great coat. We usually start our puppies on raw dog food (ground beef, turkey, chicken, drumsticks, and liver), then wean to Life's Abundance or Sport Dog, depending on the parent's allergy history. We've fed so many different dog foods in our years of dog ownership and breeding, and we're happy with the formulas that we've found. They lasts a lot longer than normal dog foods and don't break the bank. Read below to find out why we like these diets and how to purchase.

W H Y  R A W ?

There are tons of opinions on a raw dog food diet. However, a dog on a raw dog food diet will physically prove any negative views wrong with it's shiny coat, nice muscle tone, clean teeth, and excellent health. Dog's are carnivores that have been domesticated. What does that mean? It means they were created to eat whole, uncooked prey in the wild, but have been forced to eat processed foods filled with fillers, carbohydrates, and cooked foods. It's changed their PH level overtime and have caused plenty of health issues over the years. A dog that is on a raw diet will have a low PH level, allowing them to digest foods very quickly while also fighting off bacteria. You will hear lots of veterinarians and people say that a raw diet is bad for dogs because they could get salmonella or e coli. This is only a myth, and has rarely (if ever) happened. Even a dog on a normal kibble diet with a higher PH level should never get salmonella. A dog is an animal, and they are built and created to not be effected by bacteria in foods due to their low PH level. Even their saliva is equipped to fight off bacteria, so you don't have to worry about getting sick from doggy kisses. Their saliva has antibacterial properties and contains lysozyme, an enzyme that lyses and destroys harmful bacteria. Raw meaty bones are wonderful for dogs, but if you begin adding fillers and lots of carbohydrates to their diet, this will change the way they digest food. A dog on a raw diet will be able to (and should) eat raw meaty bones due to their low PH level. This is their source of calcium and is also nature's tooth brush. However, if you give a dog that is on a high-carb, low protein dog food (most are) a raw meaty bone, they will have issues digesting the bone and could get sick from an obstruction. We've personally seen the benefits of a raw dog food diet over commercial dry dog foods, and firmly believe that your dog is the healthiest it can be on a balance raw diet. However, there is always risk for bacteria transfer to humans, so please only feed your dog a raw diet if you take the proper precautions when dealing with raw meat. If you're interested in feeding your dog a raw diet and need some guidance, please don't hesitate to reach out!


W H Y  L I F E ' S  A B U N D A N C E ?

We are distributors of Life's Abundance because we love the way it's made, the ingredients, and we can't buy it in stores. Life's Abundance uses fresher foods, which is more nutrient rich and dog's thrive on it. Their dog food is made fresh in small batches and doesn't sit on warehouse shelves getting stale for a long period of time. It's a holistically formulated dog food that will guarantee your dog a long and healthy life. As a smaller company that has not been bought by big brand names or stores, Life's Abundance is able to use quality ingredients and not cut corners to

get cost as cheap as possible. They have also never had a recall. Their formulas are based on proven science have the efficient amount of taurine to reduce chances of DCM, and they are constantly testing their foods. Their formulas have the necessary amounts of Omega 3, Omega 6, and vitamins needed for a healthy and soft coat. Since their formulas are more nutrient dense, dogs don't need to eat as much of it like they would with a regular commercial brand. A large bag of Life's Abundance will lasts longer than normal dog food brands.

Life's Abundance has an auto-ship method, so you don't have to reorder when you are ready for another bag. You can set your dog food to automatically ship every few weeks and it simply ships right to your door within 3 business days. We like to start with two bags that way we're always one bag ahead and never run out during growth spurts.


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W H Y  S P O R T D O G ?

Sport Dog Food is a great option to feed if your dog has food allergies and you're not wanting to settle. It's a great, 5 star rated, quality dog food. Our favorite brand is the Elite Herding Blend, because it doesn't have all of the ingredients that are known to cause allergies. One of our dogs is allergic to chicken and she does fantastic on this blend. Her coat is great, and she doesn't poop a lot due to this food being more nutrient dense than most dog food brands. When my other dogs get bored with their Life's Abundance, we'll switch things up and add this to their food for a week or two and they LOVE it. The only downside to feeding Sport Dog is that sometimes the formula we use is out of stock. But, we are set up on autoship, just like Life's Abundance, and they'll email us to choose a different formula if it is. We like being one bag ahead with our autoship plans just in case it's out of stock for a little while. Sport dog food has the right amount of protein in it to help with digestive issues and the right amount of omegas for a great coat.