RDL Grooming, LLC
specializing in doodles & poodles

I love grooming doodles and poodles, and do so regularly. I put a focus on keeping doodles & poodles looking like teddybears by using scissors to shape their legs and head, and I use corrective grooming techniques to fix structural faults as well. If your dog has bowed out or in legs, I use scissors to shape them straight, for example. I love doodles and poodles, and love to make them look their best!

On Grooming Day:

1) Make sure your dog uses the bathroom before arriving for their appointment. If they do so on our property, please pick up after your dog.

2) Let me know when you arrive, and I'll meet you and your dog at your vehicle.

3) I'll let you know as soon as your dog is all finished and looking spiffy.

4) We take venmo (@rdlgrooming), cash, or check for payment.



Prices listed below are for well maintained coats with minimal or no matting:


Puppy under 6 months old:

  • Puppy Groom: bath, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, and a face, sanitary, and feet trim.

    • All sizes - $35

After 6 months old:

  • Clean Up: bath, teeth brushing, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, and a face, sanitary, and feet trim.

    • Mini - $35

    • Medium - $45

    • Standard - $50 to $70.


  • Full Groom:  Clean Up plus full trim.

    • Mini - $60

    • Medium - $70

    • Standard - $80 to $100.


  • Maintenance Option: This option only applies to those that want us to maintain your dog's coat for you, and we see your dog consistently every 2 to 3 weeks. We will keep your dog's coat at a manageable length so that the matting stays away and your dog always looks fresh and clean. This option includes everything a Full Groom does. For the 2 week option, we're able to keep your dog's coat at a longer length than the 3 week option. I determine the length based on your dog's individual coat.

    • Mini - $40

    • Medium - $55

    • Standard - $65 to $85.


***If your goldendoodle is matted and you don't want us to shave him/her, a $25 dematting fee will be charged. Please note, sometimes the matts are so severe that shaving is unavoidable. Also please note, we've been there and had to shave our own dogs, so no judgments here!



Below are a few of our favorite before and after pictures of some of the dogs that we groom. Visit us on Instagram @rdl_grooming.