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Sorry, we don't have any of our puppies available at this time.

Any puppies that we do have available will go to those on our waiting list. We are currently not accepting applications at this time.

If you're looking for a well bred medium to small standard size goldendoodle ready to go home NOW, contact Courtney at 985-688-0688. Her puppies come from our bloodline and she does the proper health testing and enrichment protocols to ensure her puppies are socialized, smart, and healthy! Currently she's working on crate training to prepare these babies for their new homes. Her puppies are pictured below: gorgeous black and chocolate sables, and a chocolate parti phantom. Sable coats get prettier with age. When they're older, they keep a shaded ombre affect on their bodies and have thick eye lashes! These are all non/low shedding due to their coat traits. Mom and dad have very sweet and loyal personalities, and have the non-shedding genes of a poodle with nice thick wavy coats. Dad has his CGC title as well. Don't miss out! We're posting them here because Courtney doesn't have a website or facebook page for her puppies, and we're proud of this line.

For other puppy availability, check out Miss Lou Doodles, Seashell Doodles of Louisiana, and Ellie Jo's Goldendoodles. All of these are breeders who have current litters from our two amazing boys, Ace and Ozzy! Find them on Facebook to view current availability.


Follow our Facebook page, Ruby Doodles of Louisiana - Goldendoodles, and Instagram, @rubydoodlesoflouisiana for pictures and updates on litters!


waiting list

Click below to view our waiting list. This is a private page and only for those currently on the list.

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current & past puppies

Click below to view pictures of our current litters as well as previous litters from puppy to adult!


health warranty

Click below to read what's included in our health warranty as well as our conditions of sale.

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