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Piper is a multigenerational goldendoodle with a red & white tuxedo - wavy coat. She is a clone of her daddy, Sir Godfrey. She is our first third generation mama! She's the daughter of Rowyn and granddaughter of Murphy. She's playful, great with children, social, and has great manners. We have no doubt that she'll pass health testing one day and be a great mama, just like her mother and her mother's mother.

Date of Birth: December 10, 2019
Weight & Height: 37lbs & 23" - small standard size
Breed Breakdown: 74% Poodle & 26 % Golden Retriever
Pedigree: Rowyn (dam) & Godfrey (sire)
Health Testing: Hips, elbows, patellas, eyes, heart, genetic diseases



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