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grooming day instructions

1) Please make sure your dog does not have any matting before bringing him/her to their appointment. Even if you have a good brushing routine, it’s best to line brush the day before or day of your dog’s grooming appointment to avoid extra fees.


2) Make sure your dog is up to date on immunizations and flea prevention. If your dog has fleas, you’ll be bringing fleas to our property and the other dogs here. If there is a common kennel cough outbreak, you'll be increasing your dog's chances of staying healthy.


3) Make sure your dog uses the bathroom BEFORE they leave their home for their appointment. This is to cut down on spreading diseases and viruses, as well as to reduce accidents in the salon for those nervous pups. This is private property, so if you dog does happen to potty in our yard, please be respectful and pick up after your dog.


4) We work on an appointment based schedule. If you need to drop your dog off prior to your appointment time due to personal or work based scheduling conflicts, let me know so we can make sure someone is available to accommodate during drop off. If you need to drop off before 9am, early drop off times are between 7:30 and 8:30. If you drop off between 8:30 and 9, you will most likely have to wait in the driveway until 9am.


5) TEXT me when you arrive, and I'll meet you and your dog at your vehicle. We have to walk your dog(s) from your vehicle to the salon due to liability purposes.


6) We will text you when we're finishing up with your dog's groom as well as when your dog is all finished. When you arrive for pickup, please send us a text to let us know. We'll bring him/her to your vehicle when you arrive.


7) How long will their groom take? We have our appointments set so that your dog is being started on right away, with a bath and a blow dry. Once that is done, if they’re here for a fullgroom, they will have to wait their turn for the groomer to finish up with the previous appointment. We try to have each dog here no more than 3-5 hours for a fullgroom, but sometimes we do get behind if we have a difficult or matted dog. We don't like to rush because it causes stress for the groomer and the dog, and some dogs need to take breaks due to anxiety. If you have a time constraint and need your dog finished by a specific time, please let us know and we’ll do our best to work with you. Most of the time we can prioritize to work with each client. Our first appointments are always the fastest, so if you’re concerned about how your dog does in the kennel while waiting their turn, it’s best to schedule them for the first available appointments.


8) Payment: When we’re finishing up with your dog, I’ll send a text stating that we’re almost finished and let you know how much it’ll be. We take venmo (@rdlgrooming), cash, or check for payment. If you choose to pay by check, you can make it out to RDL Grooming, LLC.

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